From Then to Now


It was never a question that Jess would go into the performing arts. At the young age of five, she had audience members in her small hometown doubling over in laughter at her sheep impersonation. Twelve years later, she had the same effect as Winifred in Once Upon A Mattress. Jess is the second student, and first soprano, from her high school to have ever attended the Northeastern Music Conference. 

She discovered the art of stage management when she was fourteen, and was taken under the wing of the local do-it-all backstage theatre woman in town. With her, Jess learned 

Jess continued this education in Boston, Massachusetts. I

Always with an interest in American Sign Language, 

Currently expecting her Bachelor's in Stage & Production Management in May 2017 with a minor in Hearing & Deafness, Jess hopes to create inclusive theater that not only allows us to escape, but to think, feel, and connect with the world around us.